22nd July 2024
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The best burger in Bristol: a tasty tour of the city’s top patties

Discover Bristol's best burgers, including National Burger Awards finalists Fattso and Squeezed, plus local favourites Asado, Milk Bun, and more. Satisfy your cravings with our ultimate guide.
A mouth-watering burger with cheese and toppings - the search for Bristol's best burger

Bristol has long been a city that celebrates its love for indulgent, juicy burgers. With so many burger joints popping up throughout the city, it can be challenging to decide where to sink your teeth into the perfect patty.

Fear not, for we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top spots to satisfy your burger cravings. In fact, two of our Bristol favourites, Fattso and Squeezed, have been named as finalists in the 2023 National Burger Awards, which only solidifies Bristol’s status as a true burger haven.


Asado is a lively, trendy spot with an energetic atmosphere, vibrant décor, and a fantastic soundtrack. This place will make you want to throw a party while enjoying one of their mouth-watering burgers. Their wood-fired grill gives their patties a unique smoky flavour, setting them apart from the competition.

Asado’s dedication to local produce and high-quality beef shines through in every bite. First-timers should try the Asado burger or the El Don, which capture the essence of the restaurant. Vegetarians and fried chicken lovers won’t be left out, with options like the Pollo Libre also available.


Squeezed, nestled in a Wapping Wharf shipping container, offers the delectable St. Werburger. This irresistible burger features two beef patties, Monterey jack cheese, smoked bacon, caper aioli, chipotle and tomato relish, and confit shallots. When paired with their homemade lemonade, it’s a burger experience you won’t want to miss.

Quay Street Diner

Quay Street Diner offers tasty burgers and scrumptious piggy stardust fries. This laid-back eatery boasts a casual dining experience, with an option for bottomless brunch and fizz. The cool décor and artwork set the scene for a relaxed, enjoyable meal.

Three Brothers Burgers

A Bristol burger institution, Three Brothers Burgers offers picturesque views of the water from its Welsh Back location. The Blues Brothers burger, featuring a meaty patty, caramelized onions, and creamy blue cheese, is a standout option.

For the more adventurous, the Mega Burger is a double stack of everything: double burger patty, double cheese, and double bacon. Vegetarian, vegan, and chicken burger options are also available, along with drool-worthy chilli cheese fries.

Milk Bun

Milk Bun has rapidly gained a devoted following for its juicy and saucy burgers, served on their secret signature buns that keep patrons coming back for more. This bright, airy eatery offers not only mouth-watering burgers but also a range of vegan options, beers, wines, and a couple of signature cocktails, all featuring locally sourced and produced ingredients.

Satisfyingly cooked meat is nestled between slices of incredibly fresh bread, with the added bonus of their delectable chicken wings. For a truly unique experience, give their peanut butter burger a try – a surprisingly delightful combination of flavours. Make sure to pair your burger with their must-try loaded fries. Located in Clifton, just a short stroll from the iconic suspension bridge, Milk Bun is the ideal spot for a satisfying meal before embarking on your next adventure.


Discover an unforgettable burger experience at Fattso, a rising star in Bristol’s culinary landscape. Lauded as “Somerset’s best burger” by Somerset Live readers and placing third in the National Burger Awards, Fattso offers a variety of mouthwatering options, including the decadent Royale with Extra Cheese and the crispy Rhode Island Red Buttermilk Chicken Burger. Don’t forget to order a side of their famous Fattso Loaded Fries or the spicy Jalapeño Spiced Fries to complete your meal.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the Signature Fattso Burger, a harmonious blend of ingredients that truly sets it apart from the rest. With a variety of burger combinations, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, Fattso has something for everyone. Enjoy the juicy, caramelised patties made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, including dry-aged, grass-fed beef. Don’t miss out on this Bristol gem that’s already making waves in the burger world.

With these top contenders in mind, your quest for the best burger in Bristol is sure to be a success. Whether it’s the smoky flavour of Asado or the unique combinations in the menu at Milk Bun, Bristol’s burger scene has something for everyone. Happy munching!